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It is distinguished by its striking retro styling. It has a 3.8 litre internal water tank or can be plumbed. The machine uses a regular 10 AMP power point.

On one side there is a traditional steaming arm for frothing milk. However the coffee machine has a fully automatic professional cappuccinatore. Both coffee and milk can be dispensed at the same time. The cappuccinatore takes milk directly from the milk container transforming it into a thick creamy foam. The coffee pods / coffee capsules are placed into the group handle. The machine has the ability to use single or double pods. So the machine can make four coffees at once.

Even though the machine uses 10AMPs it is a very powerful machine which can steam milk, make the coffee and dispense hot water all at the same time.

It is always better to plumb if possible as:

It is more convenient to use
The filter system on a plumbed machine is better resulting in less machine problems.
In some areas water quality can diminish the coffee quality so a in line filter is better

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