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The E.P. 4600 BIANCHI M coffee machine is been engineered
and constructed for the brewing of espresso coffee and other hot
drinks. Any other use is intended as improper or dangerous.
The manufacturer hereby declines each and every liability
for damages whatsoever arising to persons and/or things
due to improper, wrong or unreasonable use of any one of
the machines.
The machine operator must observe all the use and maintenance
instructions in this manual, at all times. Should any doubts on
operation or anomalies arise, stop the machine, do not attempt
repairs or direct interventions on the machine and immediately
contact the service facilities accordingly.
The E.P. 4600 BIANCHI M coffee machine is available either in
electronically controlled dispensing versions with programmable
cup dosage.
The dispensing group is heat set and stabilised to ensure optimised utilization of all the noble coffee components. An electronic
device warrants for optimised hot water auto-levelling in the boiler
unit. Water and steam dispensing is provided via 3 high-performance multi-direction spouts (a 2-spout version is available on
demand) that allow for the preparation of cappuccinos and other
hot drinks.
Said technical solutions ensure that energy wastes are prevented thereby safeguarding the machine from dangerous thermal
Water as necessary is tapped in directly from the water mains
and is pressurised via a sealed or maintenance free volumetric
pump. Water heating is provided via conductive thermal exchange
in the boiler unit.

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